Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Web Analytics meet on 14 June, Banaglore


This blog is started with the sole purpose of reporting the new developments and happenings in the field of Web analytics in India. Web Analytics in the recent times has become quite a buzzword. We shall in the coming few weeks try to look at this hype and hoopla.

To begin with we are starting with a long awaited "Web Analytics Wednesday" event in Bangalore on the 14 the of June. As on today there are 6 people who have registered for the event. I shall be discussing the topics and the discussions taking place in this event in a more elaborate fashion. Till then it is going to be just campaigning for the registrations for the event.

Please go ahead register for this exciting event today in and refer it to all those who you think are relevant audience.

Look forward to whole new chapter in the field of Web Analytics take shape in "Web-Scapes".